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How to write a scene in a book that sticks with you the reader?

How to write a scene in a book that sticks with you the reader? Ok, we are going to start to explore lots of different questions that you may have as a writer to help you on your quest to completing your next big seller. Here at Danu books, we want to be the source of knowledge that will help you get to the next level.

This week we look at the top 10 ways to wite a scene that will stick with the reader and will encourage the reader to read on:

1. Show, don't tell: A scene that is vividly described and has sensory details will stay with the reader much longer than one that is simply summarised or explained.

2. Emotions: Connect with the readers emotionally by including thought-provoking human experiences or emotions.

3. Foreshadowing: Use foreshadowing to create a sense of anticipation that entices the reader to continue reading.

4. Conflict: Every memorable scene must contain some conflict or tension that the reader can relate to.

5. Unique Dialogue: Memorable scenes often contain dialogue that is unique, witty, or profound.

6. Description of the Setting: Make your setting as detailed as possible, with interesting elements, features, and mood.

7. Shock or surprise: Surprise twists or sudden shock moments can be the most memorable and attention-grabbing parts of a novel.

8. Build tension: Clues about what might happen can make the reader anxious about what could come next.

9. Character development: A scene that reveals something about the character’s personality and emotions can make the reader empathise with the person in the story.

10. Purpose: Ensure that the scene accomplishes something in terms of the plot, character arc, or themes of the novel. A scene that serves a higher purpose often sticks with the reader.


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