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Subgenre of Fantasy

Crop of young and beautiful woman in green cloak posing at camera. Charming queen of elves

High Fantasy

A world with its own physical laws/ developed characters and a magical like environment setting 

Fictional Character

Grimdark fantasy 

Alike dark fantasy grimdark takes it a little bit more into the dark type of fantasies hints it name grim plus it has more of a needed mature audience as it consists of a lot of dark things 

Fictional Character
mysterious and magical image of old crown, wooden chest and sword over gothic black backgr
mysterious and magical image of old crown, wooden chest and sword over gothic black backgr

Sword and Sorcery

Like high fantasy this makes a strong focus on weapon wielding alongside the characters using different tools or making new friends with sorcery wielding

Fairy tale

Mainly for kids it's just a fairy land of trolls, dragons, witches and others more to come if told well enough it can become a serires like game of thrones with its dragons 

Huge aggressive mystical dragon in move. Creature with big strong wings and powerful paws.
Man against woman flying over pentagram circle.jpg
Man against woman flying over pentagram circle.jpg

Dark fantsy

A gothic type horror fantasy a amazing example is H.P Lovecraft their universe are an amazing dark fantasy a personal favourite of mine but grimdark holds a whole new love to horror and dark settings

Steampunk Fantasy

A world of Victorian type technology nothing really magical apart from the grinding of gears as the machines march with some magical things like resource


Image by Zoltan Tasi
Man against woman flying over pentagram circle.jpg
Image by Hiep Duong

Urban Fantasy

Sort of walking dead type more modern day setting with mythical/ supernatural creatures sometimes even environmental structures or areas like fields are effected or causing the effect

Low fantasy

A set of the real world with hidden magical properties that shock everyone something like harry potter with its wands but a real world setting were magic isn't known but if it is its looked down on

Image by Linus Sandvide
Image by Linus Sandvide

Arthurian fantasy

A world were king Arthur lives and is and isn't the mc of the story but it still has knights and a type of mediaeval short story with little magical involvement's

Wuxia fantasy

A Chinese type fantasy with martial arts and some elemental bonds with them or the world around them a film I like that can help is the legend of wukong 

Image by Linus Sandvide

Paranormal romance

Similar to vampire diaries with its shows genre it combines the fantasy vampire and the romance of the normal world

Image by Linus Sandvide
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