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Why choose us?

At Danu Books, we work with our writers every step of your literary journey, helping to bring out the most from their work. Danu Books helps our authors produce high-quality, interesting and entertaining books, from an idea and rough draft to editing and publication.

At Danu Books, we believe that every author has a story to tell, and every story deserves to be told.

​Why choose us as a publisher? ​We provide editing as part of the service & have teamed up with a local, ethical printer who prints high-quality books with the environment in mind. ​


We'll get your book into major and independent bookstores, both online and physical. We'll help you with book tours and promotions and explore possible awards and press releases.


The royalties are competitive, and you'll be part of our team. We'll consider every submission but will only print those of quality and a story worth telling.

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